Americans make a strong investment in school sports (part 2)

Risky investment?

USA Today, a survey conducted by investment services firm TD Ameritrade, showed that nearly 20% of families in the US spend more than 12,000 USD per year for each child to participate and practice sports. This is a statistic for parents aged 30 to 60, with investments reaching $ 25,000 and having children playing sports at a young age.

Also according to the survey, most American families (63%) spend between 100 and 499 USD for a child every month to play sports. Another 15% spent between US $ 500 and US $ 999, 11% spent US $ 1,000 to US $ 1,999, and 8% of people were willing to spend US $ 2,000 or more for their children’s sports careers. To do this, 55% of the respondents said they had to sacrifice their entertainment, 40% said they would travel less, and 23% admitted using their retirement budget.

That they risk themselves like that also has a reason. First, many financial experts tell USA Today that these are the right spending decisions, physical training and toughness for the next generation. In addition, like the Davis family, they want their children to someday become sports stars. And then there will soon be payback.

The United States has a different style of sports development than most other countries. They have four subjects called the four pillars, the most famous among young people in the country including: baseball, basketball, rugby and football. Most of the stars who play in expensive tournaments later like the NBA basketball or rugby league are the ones who come from sports at junior high, high school and college.

It is an explanation for parents to determine their children’s future early and be willing to pay for their children to benefit later. However, on the contrary, for people like former baseball player Mike Trombley, who now runs Trombley Associates investment and retirement plan, parents should carefully consider and retire money first. when investing.

The fact that the school sports thrives will improve the quality of the major tournaments, but means that the level of competition is too high because the big leagues are not enough room for all.

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Most Popular Sports In America (part 2)


After basketball and volleyball, this sport is very popular in the United States and being loved by children. Americans believe that football is for all ages and everyone can participate in different forms of practice. That’s why many parents have encouraged their children to play this sport.

Not only that, but another point that they like about soccer is also about safety. They can play methodically and do not have to wear helmets like other sports. This will help young people to be comfortable in the process of learning and playing soccer. Moreover, American experts also share that soccer is growing sharply. Nowadays, young people should join this sport because it is attractive right from the start. Learning to play this sport also helps children improve their skill as well as increase their competitiveness.


Tennis is a sport played between two people or two couples. Players use a net racket to hit a rubbing ball covered with a felt pad called a tennis ball towards the opponent’s court.

Tennis is so popular in many countries with big fandom. And it is also included in the Olympics sports list. There are a lot of annual professional tennis tournaments that are held around the world including 4 major and most prestigious tournaments called the Grand Slam.

Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey is also one of the favorite team sports in America. Participants use their skateboarding sticks to hit the ball into the opponent’s net on ice. Its attractiveness comes from fast movement speed. And ice hockey is very common in cold-weather countries that can form a seasonal ice sheet with a natural, safe stiffness such as Latvia, Canada, Finland, Czech Republic, Scandinavia, Russia, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and United States for sure.

The National Hockey League is the top league for men while the Western Women’s Hockey League the Canadian Women’s Hockey League are the highest ones for women. Ice hockey is considered as Canada’s official national winter sport.

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People in America are hungry for games

Americans are no less adventurous than, say, the English. After all, a large part of their population is the descendants of colonists from great Britain. Las Vegas, this Mecca of excitement, only confirms the above. Ordinary Americans go to Nevada as if on vacation, and realizing that they will leave a lot of money there . The huge gambling market is languishing under a cloud.

They hit the weakest point of any US citizen – in his wallet. Profit is the key word for getting a real American ready. This is their national one. Supporters of allowing sports betting tempt the state and Federal governments with huge profits that will flow in the form of taxes to the budget. They set the example of the same Britain, where billions of pounds enrich the state every year on the passion of their citizens for the game.

The second reason, which is not shy to talk about those who advocate the legalization of betting shops, is the fight against the shadow sweepstakes. The battle with it is going with varying success, but still millions of dollars pass in front of the nose of local budgets in the pockets of unknown businessmen.

Meanwhile, the Americans are ready to play
A country with 330 million inhabitants can bring in untold revenues to its budget. Gambling Britons spend almost $ 18 billion a year on games, but the UK population is more than five times smaller. Up to a hundred billion dollars could be spent by players in the States, without letting this raging flow abroad and into the economic shadow.

Online betting in the USA
Naturally, no Agency will be able to set boundaries for the Internet. The Internet provoked an unprecedented growth in online betting, and Americans who were longing for the game immediately began to look for outlets to foreign offices that provide services on the network.

But still, the Americans themselves are engaged in organizing bets. If you can’t stay in the States, you can open an office somewhere in Bermuda. The main thing is to get a license, which is a guarantee that the bookmaker will not cheat. For the US government, the main problem presented by online betting is the outflow of huge amounts of money abroad and the fact that respectable Yankees outright violate the law.

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