How Basketball affects American culture (part 2)

It can be said that there is no sport that clearly embodies the American character like basketball. It is the expression of convenience, fast-paced preference, individualism, but still maintaining the spirit of teamwork – high teamwork.

First of all, about the convenience that basketball offers. We wouldn’t be surprised when it comes to the United States of Mc Donald’s fast food. It is favored by Americans for its convenience, can be eaten anywhere, anytime, without wasting time and guaranteed nutrition (there are even a lot of people who are obese because of it). . Basketball too. Different from American football or baseball, two sports are equally popular in the US, basketball has the advantages of convenience, which is very important in American culture. With basketball, the simple equipment consists of a ball, and a basket is anyone can play. As mentioned above, basketball baskets are hung everywhere, in every corner of the cities of the United States. With American football, it is different. With bulky protective gear, wide field requirements, at least two or more players, American football cannot penetrate as deeply into American life as basketball. So, like fast food, basketball meets the needs: playing anywhere, playing at any time but still is a very effective method of health training.

Also about the relevance of the fast-paced basketball game and the American way of working. It can be seen that Americans prefer efficient, fast-paced work. The hustle pace of life in big cities such as New York, Washington … is clearly shown through the fast paced, urgent basketball matches. In life, anyone who cannot follow the rapid change in pace of life will be rejected. In basketball, too, failing to keep pace with the game meant 99% would lose and unconditionally yield victory to the opponent.

However, perhaps that still does not reflect American personality most clearly. Respect individualism but still uphold team spirit, that is a testament to the reflection of basketball towards people and American character.

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