US sports plans to return: Sneaking in on anxiety Covid-19 (part 1)

American sports leagues are offering safe protocols, but as long as the corona virus continues to spread, their season is still at risk.

It is true that everything has not happened as planned for all. The return of major sports in the US after a long period of delays because the Covid-19 epidemic has to coincide with the decline and ease concerns about the rate of infection, death and hospitalization of number of virus infections.

Anxiety exists

Instead, infections have skyrocketed, and interest is growing for them. The anxiety is perhaps most evident in Florida, the headquarters of two MLB baseball teams and the venue of choice for the NBA basketball, MLS and WNBA women’s basketball, and in Texas , where there are two MLB teams and is expected to host at least 60 baseball matches in the coming months.

The leagues say that reorganizing the competition along with strict disease prevention rules will limit the likelihood of infection for both athletes and team staff. However, infectious disease experts say that, while there is extensive planning and complete user guides – the 113-page NBA and MLB guide – provide plenty of tips on how to eat, train, and work. practicing and washing hands, some cases of infection are inevitable. The worry is that the tournaments do not have a clear answer on the number of people infected with the virus.

According to experts, the challenge for tournaments that are planning to return is that everything is out of control of any tournament, team or executive director. Because all suffer the increase of infection rates across the United States. In March, all it took was a positive closing of the NBA. And now? Will some of the athletes’ protests against early competition be all supported?

Melissa Nolan, an epidemiologist at the University of South Carolina, showed pessimism about the return of sports in the near future. It’s hard for sports as America is still struggling to open up basic services.

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